by Robert Dawson

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Prophet on the Run (1 of 4)
Series: Jonah
Robert Dawson
Jonah 1

Running is a big part of my life, always has been. I am a runner by nature. I am very good at it. I know I need to explain these comments because there are a lot of bewildered looks out there and a few of you are trying your best to stifle a laugh. It is obvious in looking at me that if I run I don't run far, fast or long.You see, I am not talking about strapping the Nike's on and taking a jog through the old neighborhood...if you ever see me doing that then please stop and rescue me because it means I am trying to get away from something or someone.I have spent my life, like many of you, running from what is hard, uncomfortable, painful, and disagreeable or calls for self-denial and sacrifice --- if we are honest with ourselves few of us run to those things. We avoid them to the best of our ability and face them only when it is absolutely necessary.In my 40 short years of life and even shorter 21 years of ministry (getting harder to say that #) I have discovered that a lot of people including myself are world class runners and are proficient at running from something or would it be better to say someone ... God

- More times than I care to count and definitely more times than I care to share I have run from God's purpose, presence and plan---I have gone AWOL.

If truth be told I am not alone in this but probably in some very good company or bad company depending on how you want to look at it. If I am not mistaken - I am in a room full of runners today and as I look back through the Bible I see pages littered with those who ran at some point in their life and deviated from God's plan and purpose whether only slightly off course or completely off the map. Today I want us to start a short series of messages that should take us through the summer and into a series on the vision statement of our church - [Our FS3 team has been working].

- I want us to look at a series on the life of Jonah t ...

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