by Jerry Vines

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Jerry Vines

There are three books in the Bible, one right after the other, that are written by Solomon.
Proverbs was a book evidently written by Solomon at the height of his reign as a king and when he was
filled with the wisdom of God.
The book of Ecclesiastes was evidently written when Solomon was an old man. Solomon had
wandered away from the Lord. He made the mistake that a lot of believers make. In the earlier years
of their lives they live for the Lord, then in the latter years they wander away and don't serve the Lord
the way they ought to serve Him. That happened in the life of Solomon. So, we have a book in the
Bible written by this man Solomon who had wasted these latter years of his life and all he had left to do
was to die and explain to God why he had wasted those latter years.
The Song of Songs has a different atmosphere and comes from a different perspective
altogether. These were the early years of Solomon. Solomon was living for the Lord. Solomon had
fallen in love with a beautiful Shulimite young lady. You have in the Song of Solomon a series of love
songs that Solomon composed celebrating the love that he experienced with her.
There are two main interpretations we are following in our study of the book. One is to look at
this as an illustration to us of the kind of love that God wants to exist between husband and wife in the
godly bonds of marriage. There is so little genuine, godly marriage today for people to see that it is
difficult for folks to really understand what marriage is intended to be. About the only place you will
find any teaching on what godly marriage is and what God expects it to be is in a church where the
Bible is taught and where people believe the Word of ...

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