by Jerry Vines

Daniel 5:10
Dr. Vines 1/17/88

You recall the fifth chapter of the book of Daniel recounts for
us the feast of Belshazzar. It is a night of infamy. It is one of the
famous night scenes in the Word of God. The experience which
Belshazzar had on this occasion divides itself conveniently into
three main divisions. There is, first of all, a night of dissipation.
Secondly, a night of revelation. Thirdly, there is a night of
condemnation. We looked at the first nine verses of Daniel 5 last
Sunday night and saw the night of dissipation. King Belshazzar,
completely oblivious to the army that had surrounded his city, had
called all of his lords together and they were engaged in a drunken
orgy. It was a sacrilegious kind of feast because they were drinking
wine in the silver and golden vessels that had come from the temple
of the God of Israel and they were doing it all in absolute blasphemy
and absolute disregard for the god of heaven. You know what took
place. In the middle of their feasting, in the middle of their
reveling, in the middle of the debauchery, the hand of God began to
write upon the wall. So startled and so frightened was Belshazzar by
the writing which he saw on the wall that he literally began to
shake. His face turned as pale as a piece of cotton. His knees began
to knock one against another. He lost strength in his legs and he
slumped to his chair and he was absolutely frightened to death. He
did what people normally do who do not know the God of heaven. He
sought for the experts of the day to come and read the interpretation
of the writing on the wall. Of course, they were not able to read
that interpretation. The king was absolutely horror-stricken. He was
greatly troubled the 9th verse said. His countenance was changed in
him. All of the people in the feast are not sobered into alertness.
They are now fully awake and fully alert. They look to the king for
some kind of strength and comfort in ...

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