by Jerry Vines

Daniel 4
Dr. Vines 12/6/87

On the eve of President Reagan's summit meeting with Gorbashav
from Russia, a rather remarkable booklet has been published in
Russia. It is about the size of our little Gospel tract we use,
14-Godis Greatest Gift.11 In this booklet which has been published in
Russia, there is the personal testimony of the conversion experience
of Gorbashav. He samy that all through the years he h-as been- acting
like a beast of a man. He says that he was actually out of his mind,
that he was spiritually insane. Now, he says he has come to believe
that there indeed is a God in heaven and that he has yielded himself
to that God and intends to serve Him for the rest of his life. And he
calls upon all the people's of the world to hear what God has done in
his life. I can tell by the incredulous look on your faces that you
don't believe a word of what I have just said. You are absolutely
correct. What I have said is not true at all. It is an imaginary
story. It would be an amazing thing, if the man who was in charge,
the prime minister, the ruler of the Russian Empire should
experience a miraculous conversion and come to know Jesus Christ as
His Savior. It is no more incredible than what we read in Daniel 4.
This is an official Babylonian document which records the conversion
experience for Nebuchad-nezzar who- may-have- beern the most cruel
monarch who ever reigned in the history of the world. In this tract
he tells us what God did in his life. He gives evidence in the things
he has said in this chapter of a man who had a true conversion
experience. Here is the account of a man who came to know God in
personal way was so thrilled and excited about his experience that he
sat down and wrote his personal testimony in tract form and
instructed that it be sent out to all of the nations of the known
world at that particular time. He begins his little gospel booklet in
the opening verse in a way that has a s ...

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