by Jerry Vines

Daniel 3:19-30
Dr. Vines 11/29/87
Thirteen times the names of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego are
given. It's as if God is so proud of these boys that He is shouting
down the halls of heaven, "look at those three boys." Thirteen times
he names them in this chapter.
There is a beautiful prophetic picture that can be seen if you
look at this overall account. It is a beautiful prophecy and
anticipation of the end time. The furnace could remind us of the time
of great tribulation when God's wrath would be poured upon this
earth. Daniel, being absent, would remind us of the fact that God's
believers would be raptured away before the Great Tribulation comes
upon the earth. The three Hebrew children are a picture to us of the
Jewish people who will go through the Great Tribulation time. God
will walk through the fire with them and when it is over they will
come out purified, ready to receive their Messiah, the Lord Jesus
Christ. But for purposes of our study of the last several weeks, I
want us to look at this chapter from a very practical, down-to-earth
point of view. We have seen, first of all, that the three boys have
refused to bow down to the king's image of gold. Secondly, when put
under pressure by the king, they have refused to bend to his
pressure. They have dared to be spiritual non-conformists. They have
refused to bow down to the image of gold and they would not bend to
the pressure of the king. Of course, their refusal has immediately
precipitated a crisis. You can imagine how the crowds are beginning
to gather together. They are all scrambling to get front seats at the
furnace to see the boys burn. The king has no choice. The king's
command has been defied. His authority is now in question and they
have actually painted the king into a corner. He has no choice but to
punish the boys and to do what he threatened to do and throw them
into the midst of a burning, fiery furnace. There are some lessons
that com ...

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