by Jerry Vines

II Corinthians 4:1-6
Jerry Vines

You will notice this chapter begins with the word, therefore. Every time you see a therefore in
the Bible, you always ask yourself the question: What is the therefore there for?
It always points us back to what the writers has previously said. So, he begins the chapter by saying,
"Therefore seeing we have this ministry..." He is actually pointing back to what he said in the 6th verse
of the 3rd chapter. Look back at 3:6 and connect that with this 4th chapter. He says in verse 6 - "who
also hath made us able ministers of the new testament; ....seeing therefore we have this ministry." He is
talking about the ministry which God gives to every born again child of God. There is a sense in which
Dr. Lindsay and I are ministers in that we preach the Word of God and we serve as pastor of a
church. But there is also a sense in which every born again child of God is a minister. God has called
every Christian to a ministry. God has called every Christian to a life of ministering and serving the
Lord Jesus Christ.
It's a wonderful thing to know Jesus as your Savior and it is a wonderful thing to live a life of
ministry in witnessing and winning other people to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. So this is the ministry
that Paul is talking about in these verses this morning. "We have this ministry." He is talking about the
wonderful, glorious opportunity of sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with a lost and dying world.
Paul indeed was a soulwinner. If there was ever a man who walked on the earth whose heart
beat for the lost and the dying it was this man Paul. When you read about the Apostle Paul in the book
of Acts you will notice that he went to many of the major cities of the ancient world. We know that
going to these various c ...

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