by Jerry Vines


Mark 1:35-45

Here is one of those intimate glimpses into the life of the Lord Jesus. The day had been difficult for
Jesus. He had been healing people, teaching in the synagogue, encountering all of the pressures that
came to him in a normal day. Perhaps the Lord Jesus will sleep a little later the next morning. Yet,
before it was even daylight, while it was still dark, probably between 3 and 4 o'clock in the morning,
the Lord Jesus arises, goes out into the stillness of the morning and in a quiet, solitary place pours out
His heart to God. Jesus understood that if He was going to give out he had to take in. There was a
busy day ahead of him. There were people who had all kinds of needs only He could supply. If He
would be what He ought to be publicly before men, He must be alone with God privately at the
beginning of the day. What a beautiful example for christian workers. If you want to have power with
men, then get alone with God at the beginning of the day. The poet was quite right when he said, You
must meet God in the morning if you want Him through the day. We must follow the example of the
Lord Jesus and have a morning time, a time when we commune with God. In the morning quiet time,
tell Him the needs of your life, and draw from the heavenly father the strength and power you need for
that particular day.
Simon Peter was sleeping late. Rubbing the sleep out of his eyes he goes to the room where the
Lord Jesus was discovered that Jesus was not there. Simon Peter forms a search party to look for the
Master. Verse 36 says, they followed after him. The word really means that they hunted him down.
They tracked him down. They are looking for the Lord. They discover where Jesus is. Simon Peter
has big plans for Jesus that day. He interrupts the prayer time of the Lord Jesus and says, "Lord,
everybody is looking for you." Peter had a full itinerary for Jesus. He was going to have him

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