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This Land Is My Land (1 of 12)
Jerry Vines
Joshua 1

I want you to get in mind the setting as we being this particular study. The children of Israel are on the east side of the Jordan River. Just across the Jordan River is the land of Canaan. God has promised them, after taking them out of the land of Egypt, through the wilderness, that they are going into the land and that God has given this land unto them. Moses, the great leader of the people of God, is dead. Moses was kind of like the Abraham Lincoln of the Israelite people. From the Book of Exodus all the way through the Book of Deuteronomy, Moses was their great leader. God used Moses in a wonderful and a remarkable way. It was Moses, you may recall, who went into the land of Egypt and led the children of God out of the land of bondage. It was Moses who led the people of God across the Red Sea. It was Moses who journeyed with them and ministered to them as they went through the wilderness journey. Now it is time for Joshua to step on the scene. Moses led them out of Egypt. It is Joshua's assignment to lead them into the land of promise.

Joshua's name means Jehovah is salvation. In the New Testament, the name Joshua is Jesus. So, the Jesus of the Old Testament, so to speak, is Joshua. And the Jesus of the New Testament is our Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ.

God has a special role and a special purpose for Joshua. God is going to use Joshua to be the great leader who will now lead them into the land of promise. The life of Joshua is a remarkable life in addition to the life of Moses. Let me just summarize for you the life of Joshua. Joshua was born a slave in the land of Egypt. Having been born a slave Joshua could appreciate and was grateful for the liberty which was now his for what God had done to him. Those who have known the bondage of sin and slavery of sin know the joy Christ brings when He sets them free. So he began as a slave.

He was also a great general. It was Joshua who was the gr ...

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