by Jerry Vines

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Jerry Vines

Some of you may have come tonight and there is an
uncrossable river in your life. Looming just before
you there is a river that seems impossible to deal
with. This third and fourth chapter of Joshua will
tell us how to cross the uncrossable rivers in our

As chapter 3 begins the children of Israel are on
the banks of the river Jordan. Behind them is the
land of the wilderness where they have wandered for
forty years. On the other side of the river Jordan is
the land of Canaan, the land God has promised unto
them. God is getting ready to perform one of the
great miracles He performed in the life of the
children of Israel. The crossing of the Jordan is one
of the major events in all of the Bible.

As you study the history of the children of
Israel, you will find that their history and the
geography of their history teaches some very important
lessons. Write down somewhere in your notes or the
margin of your Bible these geographical notations.
Egypt, the Red Sea, the Wilderness, Jordan and Canaan.
Those are the five things I want you to write down.

Those five geographical locations in the history
of the children of Israel are very, very, important.
When w e read these things in the Old Testament we are
not just reading some old, out-dry ancient history.
What God did for the children of Israel in the Old
Testament teaches us what God can do in our lives
tonight. What we're reading about tonight that
happened thousands of years ago has a lot to say about
your Christian life. It has a lot to say about what
you do on your job. It has a great deal to do with
how you conduct yourself at school. It has everything
to do with the way you lead and guide in your home and
in your family. The things we are going to study
tonight bear in a practical way on your daily life, on
what you are experiencing day by da ...

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