by Jerry Vines

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Jerry Vines
Joshua 5

Back on June 6, 1994, we remembered the 50th
Anniversary of the invasion of Normandy which we call
D- Day. It was one of the most massive invasions ever
to occur in the history of military affairs. Four
thousand ships gathered there. Eleven thousand planes
flew overhead. One hundred and fifty thousand
soldiers landed on the beaches of Normandy that day.

There had been a tremendous time of build-up in
England. They had poured in supplies, they had poured
in food, they had poured in soldiers and they had
brought in a new leader, General Dwight David
Eisenhower. He's the man who led them as they made
the great invasion of Normandy which really broke the
hold that Hitler had on Europe. It was a great day! A
great invasion!

The Children of Israel are facing a great
invasion time. God, through His mighty miracles has
brought them across the river of Jordan. The river of
Jordan just parted in great heaps on each side and the
Children of Israel had marched over - two million of
them in number. Now they are on the beaches of
Canaan. Now they are poised to strike the land as
they make their invasion.

The first verse tells us what the mindset of the
people of Canaan was as they awaited this invasion.
The Living Bible puts it this way: "Their courage
melted away completely and they were paralyzed with
fear." When the Canaanites heard what God had done
with the Children of Israel about the parting of the
river of Jordan they just absolutely collapsed. Their
morale just totally collapsed and they were completely
demoralized. They heard what God did when He parted
the Red Sea and led them through. Now, they've heard
what God did as He parts the river Jordan and led them
through. So, here they are, ready to be invaded and
they are already defeated on the inside. The battle
is just as good as over.

You w ...

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