by Lenny Ports

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Series: New Beginnings
Lenny Ports
Genesis 2:8-9, 15-23, 3:1-6

I love the fall and it is amazing how people drive to certain locations just to see the beauty of God's creation as the leaves change colors in the autumn season. It shows that the summer is over and it is time for a new season. A new school year. A new month. A new beginning.

Gerri and I were part of a big church on Long Island that was thriving with the life of the Spirit. We sat under one of the greatest preachers we have ever heard but our excitement began to be extinguished when rumors of his infidelity began to surface. While we wanted to believe none of the bad rumors were true, it was ultimately revealed that he wasn't faithful to his wife and there were some other things that came to light as well. We and so many other people were so hurt and devastated by it. Gerri and I never put our hope in him to begin with, so we were able to move forward, but there were so many that were completely sidelined as a result of his poor judgments. The assistant pastor took over the church and in God's wisdom renamed it ''New Beginnings Church.'' They needed a new start, a new season, a new chapter to be written and not let the hurts, regrets and pain of the past dictate their future. They were endeavoring into their NEW BEGINNING. Today they are a great church and a beacon of light in that part of Long Island.

With God, every bad ending can have a new beginning. Every dark night wakes to a new day. Every long winter rides into a new spring. Every sin committed can be met with a new mercy. There is nothing that cannot start over in your life. You may not be able to rewind and redo what went wrong, but with God you can be born again, forgiven of your past, washed in the blood, filled with His Spirit, refreshed, renewed, regenerated and revived.

A new day is upon us as a church. We are about to celebrate our 7 year anniversary, which means we will be entering our 8th ye ...

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