by Jerry Vines

The book of Genesis closes with two notable deaths. It gives us the
death of Jacob, the great patriarch of the faith. Then it gives to us the
death of Joseph, the man used by God to bring deliverance to the Chidren of
Israel in the great days of famine. Jacob, as you recall, has now been brought
down into the land of Egypt and he has spent a few years there in joyful
fellowship with his dear son, Joseph. He has beena allowed of God to see these
grandboys which are so very real and so very wonderful and so precious to him.
Now, it has come the time for Jacob to die. Jacob is going to die and in just
a few moments he is going out to meet God. Jacob, the great man of God. Jacob,
the great patriarch, the man who met God in a saving experience, now is coming
to the comsummation of the believer's life. He is going home to be with God.
In the 49th chapter of Genesis we have the account of the words that Jacob
gave to his sons as they gathered around his bed. These were the last words
that Jacob was ever to speak on this earth. There is something significant
about the last words of an individual. We cherish those last words. We write
down the last words of a man because there is something about death that gives
significance and importance to what a man says. You may remember, for
instance, that when Jesus was dying on the cross, seven recorded sayings of
our Lord are given. We cherish those sayings and they reveal to us the heart
of the Lord Jesus and his wonderful love for us. So, Jacob has some words to
say ii this lengthy chapter. They h-ave to say something ab-out his great faith
in God. There is tremendous faith revealed in these last words as Jacob speaks
from his deathbed. There are also words that kind of reveal something of the
character of his sons. Can you imagine how it must have been as those twelve
boys stood around the bed of their old dad. As their dad, one by one, spoke to
them and as he g ...

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