by Jerry Vines

Winning Over Worry
Jerry Vines
Matthew 6:25-34

If you don't ever worry this is one Sunday you can just put it in neutral and cruise through the service. But if you ever worry maybe the Lord has a word for you from these verses. It helps us to remember that when Jesus was born, He was born and He lived among common, everyday, down-to-earth kind of people. When the Lord Jesus was born, Mary and Joseph carried Him to the Temple and they offered for His dedication two pigeons. This was a gift specified in the Old Testament that the poor could give when they were not able to give a lamb. So, we know that Jesus was brought up among the working classes of people. One time Jesus said "the Son of Man has no where to lay His head." Jesus knew what it was to struggle for daily necessities. He knew what it was to have to work and to work hard to make a living. So, with that background in mind it means a great deal to us when the Lord Jesus deals with the matter of worry and when He says to us, do not worry. Three times in the verses we read the Lord Jesus said, do not worry. In verse 25 He says, "take no thought." The best translation there is do not worry. That's really what Jesus is talking about. Do not worry. The word, worry is a rather interesting word. It actually means to pull in opposite directions. It is the very opposite of the meaning of the word, peace. The word, peace, means to put together or to bring together. When I have peace in my heart that means that my heart and my mind are in harmony. They are together. But worry means to pull apart. It means that my heart and my mind are pulled apart. so, the Lord Jesus says to us that we are not to worry because it is worry which pulls us apart.

I read something about worry this week that I thought a great deal about. It makes a lot of sense. Someone wrote this. Worry is a thin stream of fear that trickles through the min ...

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