by Jerry Vines

Death Without Fear
Genesis 47:29-48:10
Jerry Vines

We have followed the life of Joseph as we have seen him carried into
the land of Egypt, and have observed that through of all of the difficulties
and trials he experienced, God was with him, God blessed him and God continued
to use him. He has been exalted to the position of Prime Minister in all of
the land and has become, in a literal sense the Savior of his own people,
providing for them grain-corn during these days of famine. The brothers of
Joseph have made the astounding discovery that he is still alive so now they
are returning back to get their father, Jacob. They get Jacob, they go back
into the land and now we pick up the story. Jacob has received the astonishing
message that his beloved son is alive in Egypt and is calling for him. So,
Jacob gathers together all of his family, his entire clan. He gets together
all of their possessions, loads it on wagons and journeys down into the land
of Egypt. When he arrives there, because he is the father of the beloved
Joseph, Pharaoh gives to him and to his sons the choice parcel of land, the
land of Goshen. There, for the remaining days of his life, Jacob is cared for
lovingly and caringly by his son, Joseph. It is an interesting thing to notice
that Jacob had his dear son, Joseph, the first 17 years of Joseph's life and
for the last 17 years of his own life. Jacob has come to the time when he is
going to die. He calls for his son, Joseph. He discusses with him funeral
arrangements a-nd what he wants him to do in tih time of the death and what he
wants him to do about his burial. It is certainly not improper for people to
give due con-sderation to thesp matters, There is a sanctity about the body
which the Bible presents. There is something about the dignity of the burial
of the child of God which makes it very important and very impressive to care
for those needs before we die. Joseph come, and Jacob says, "Be sure that you
do not bu ...

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