by Jerry Vines

James 1:5-8
Jerry Vines

I want to talk to you this morning about how to get wisdom
for daily living. I'm sure you are interested in that
subject as I am. I believe you are aware of the fact that
we are living in a world when we desperately need the
wisdom of God for our daily decisions.

In the opening verses of the book of James, he has
expressed the desire from God for all of us as believers
that we might be complete and mature and that we are to
lack nothing, that we need to live a full and a fruitful
Christian life. He says that very specifically in verse 4.
He closes that verse by saying, "that ye may be perfect and
entire, wanting nothing." He means that we would lack
nothing for our daily life as believers.

He has just been talking about how to deal with trouble and
the fact that God does not allow trouble to come into our
lives to trip us up, but to transform us and mature us to
be the believer that He wants us to be. But if you and I
are to be moved by God to maturity because of trouble, we
desperately need the wisdom of God to know how to apply
that situation.

We are living in a time when we have a great deal of
education, but we do not have an abundance of wisdom. We
have more people educated than ever before, but we do not
have a lot of people who have wisdom. It is one thing to
have an education, it is another to have the wisdom of God
in your daily life.

Someone has said that we have become a race of clever
fools. We know a great deal, but we do not have a lot of
wisdom. Some people are educated beyond their intelligence.
Some people are so smart they don't have any common sense
whatsoever. God wants us to have wisdom because we need His
wisdom to understand the daily problems of life and how to
deal with them.

Someone has said, "If you can keep your head while all
others around you are losing theirs, it's a sure sign you
don't understand ...

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