by Jerry Vines

Genesis 42
Jerry Vines

We are going to look at the passage of Scripture which comes before
us in this chapter. We are given here a magnificent moving, dramatic scene
which takes place between Joseph and his ten brothers. A group of literary
critics in Boston, a few years ago, voted that this particular story was the
finest short story ever written. I do know that this passage of Scripture
abounds in some very tremendous and very wonderful spiritual lessons. Our
train of thought turns from the land of Egypt back to the land of Canaan and
to the house of Jacob. The famine, which Joseph had predicted, had spread
throughout the land and it had come to the land of Canaan as well. The
brothers of Joseph may have thought that they had gotten by with their sins.
You remember, almost twenty years ago, these brothers had sold their brother,
Joseph into the land of Egypt. They may have thought that they got away with
their sin, but you and I know that the Bible teaches God never overlooks sin.
God never lets people get by with their sin. The Bible says, be not deceived,
God- is not mocked. Wbatsoej-er a man soweth- that sh~all he also reap. The Bible
says, again, be sure your sins will find you out. Somewhere, sometime, God
always deals with the matter of sin. The wheels of God's judgment grind
slowly, but surely. Actually, this chapter is a classic study on the subject
of the consicence. The Bible has a great deal to say about the matter of the
conscience. The Bible discusses the conscience. There are several passages of
Scripture that describe the conscious and illustrate the working of the
conscience for us.
A Sunday School teacher was trying to teach her little children one
day what a conscience was. She said to them, "What is that small voice that is
with you all the time." One little fellow raised his hand and said, wKy
transistor radio?" Actually, the conscience is something other than that. The
conscience is what feels ...

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