by Jerry Vines

Judges 17-19
Dr. Vines

I want to just remind you the outline we are following in our study of the book of Judges
because it sets up these final concluding chapters in the book of Judges. The first two chapters of
Judges I have called Israel's compromise. Those chapters show us the compromise the Israelites made
with the Canaanite culture around them. Then in chapters 3-16 we studied Israel's conquerors and we
looked at all of those different judges that God raised up. For instance, a Gideon and Jeptha and
Samson and all of these that God used as judges or deliverers to conquer the enemies around the
Children of Israel. Now in chapters 17-21 we are going to look at what I call Israel's collapse. These
concluding chapters tell us and show us about the total collapse of the Children of Israel as they
surrender to the Canaanite culture around them.
When you read these chapters, keep in mind that we are not following what happens
chronologically here, but actually we are looking at some things that took place during the period of the
judges. The emphasis of these chapters is just not on time - what happened here and here and here.
But rather you have here a series of episodes which give us illustrations of the collapse of the Children
of Israel as they compromised with the Canaanite gods and religions around them. It really becomes
kind of an appendix - an illustration. God is giving here an X-ray picture of what happens when a
nation surrenders its religious convictions and falls for it's total pagan culture. When you read these
chapters you get an altogether different feel. It's not easy reading and you wonder sometimes what in
the world is God talking about in these verses of Scripture. Why do we even bother to study them?
God is showing us the painful results of what happens to God's p ...

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