by Jerry Vines

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A Lad and His Lunch (9 of 17)
Jerry Vines
Matthew 14:13-21

If suppertime had come around and there were 5,000 hungry men milling around, what would you do? Would you get the microwave ready? Would you send out for pizza? What would you do with 5,000 hungry men and in addition to that, women and children?

What Jesus did is the account of the wonderful miracle -- the thrilling miracle of His feeding the 5,000 people. The setting of this particular miracle is in verses 13 nd 14. We are told that the Lord Jesus had taken His disciples to a desert place apart. In fact, Mark says that Jesus said to them, ''Come ye apart and rest a little while.'' Vance Havner, that quaint Baptist preacher, a number of years ago said, ''Jesus said come ye apart and if you don't come apart, you will come apart.'' There are times when God's people and all people need to just get apart and be alone and have a little time to rest.

The disciples of the Lord Jesus are off for a little time to rest. But if you read this account very carefully you will notice that Jesus really didn't have any time to rest. People saw where Jesus was going and the Bible says in verse 13 that they followed Him on foot out of the cities. There was no rest for the Son of God. Jesus said one time, ''My Father worketh hitherto and I work.'' The Lord Jesus Christ came into this world to do a great work -- to die on the cross and do the great work of paying the price for the souls of men. On His way to do that great work He was constantly doing other works, helping people who had needs, meeting the needs in the hearts and lives of people. The Scriptures say that when Jesus saw these multitudes he was moved with compassion toward them. The word, compassion, means to suffer with. It means love in action. Jesus saw people and He saw their needs and He was moved with great compassion. His heart went out to them.

People look at folks with a variety of different reasons. You pass by a barbershop and a barber loo ...

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