by Jerry Vines

Genesis 37
Jerry Vines

These verses introduce to us the story of the young man, Joseph. One of the most exciting biographies in all of the Bible is the life of this young man we are going to study beginning tonight. Joseph's life takes up fully one-fourth of all of the material in the book of Genesis. Why do you think it is the Holy Spirit spends so much time dealing with the life of one man, a young man named Joseph? There are several reasons for it. One of them is that you cannot understand the book of Exodus apart from Joseph. If you just skipped over from Jacob into the land of Egypt you really wouldn't know where you are or why you were there. It was because of what happened in the life of Joseph, his being sold into slavery in Egypt, that the children of Israel found themselves there in slavery. So, Joseph is the link between Genesis and Exodus. I think there is a second reason why the Spirit of God gives a great deal of attention to Joseph's life. You will discover as you read about Joseph that his was life of purity. We know, of course, that Joseph was not perfect. We know that Joseph was a sinner who needed a Saviour like all men ever born since the Garden of Eden.

Yet, there is not recorded in the Scriptures any bad thing about Joseph. Joseph is a tremendous example for young people. Joseph illustrates the fact that under the most difficult of circumstances a young person can live for the Lord Jesus Christ. So, the purity of the life of Joseph is set before us as a model and example to follow. Another thing about the life of Joseph--Joseph is a beautiful type or picture of the Lord Jesus Christ. Sometime in your study just go through the life of Joseph and see how many comparisons you can make between Joseph and our Savior, Jesus. For instances, he was greatly beloved of his father as was the Lord Jesus. He was betrayed by his brothers as was our Savior. He was betrayed for pieces of silver, and Jesus was as well. So, when you go through the life ...

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