by Jerry Vines

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Jerry Vines
Luke 13:10-17

When Jesus performed miracles relative to people, He
touched with His power every aspect of the human
personality. God has made man a trinity. We have a
body. That is our physical nature. We have a
spiritual. That is our spiritual nature. Then we
have a soul and that is our emotional nature. These
three parts of the human personality are all related
and the power of the Lord Jesus Christ is able to move
in every one of those areas in the human personality.

Sometimes we neglect to understand that Jesus Christ
is able to touch us in our emotions and to heal many a
damaged emotion. There are many of God's people in
the world who have damaged emotions. There are some
who have a scar in their spirit. There are some who
have a limp in their soul. They have an emotion that
has been damaged by sin. They have an emotion that
has been damaged by this sin-cursed life and they
desperately need the power of Jesus Christ to touch
that area of their emotions.

Keep in mind that this poor woman that the Lord Jesus
healed of a spirit of infirmity was a believer. She
was not an unsaved person. I know this because of
what Jesus called her in verse 16. There the Lord
Jesus called her a daughter of Abraham. That
statement indicates that she was indeed a born again,
saved woman. Because in Galatians 3 we read these
words in verse 6 and 7: "Even as Abraham believed God
and it was accounted to him for righteousness, know
you therefore that they which are of faith the same
are the children of Abraham." So those who by faith
have received the Lord Jesus as their personal Savior
become the sons and the daughters of Abraham. So here
was a saved woman and yet this woman had a problem
that was binding her life.

Many people misunderstand the salvation experience.
Some people think that the moment they are saved --
immediately all of th ...

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