by Jerry Vines

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Jerry Vines
Mark 2:1-12

We are studying for a few weeks the miracles recorded
about the Lord Jesus Christ. When Jesus was here the
Bible says that He performed miracles. A miracle is
God doing what He chooses to do with His own creation.
Probably this miracle illustrates better than all of
the other miracles exactly why Jesus performed

We know, of course, that He performed miracles in
order to help hurting people. But Jesus also
performed miracles in the physical realm to illustrate
what He is able to do in the spiritual realm. What He
could do physically shows us what Jesus is able to do

Notice there are several things about this account as
we look at verse 1 and 2. I want to point out to you
that Jesus is in Capernaum. There are four main
cities in the life of our Lord. There is Bethlehem,
which was the place of His birth. There is Nazareth
the place of His boyhood. There is Capernaum where
His ministry, for the large part, was conducted. Then
there was Jerusalem the place of His death, burial and
His resurrection.

We learn from Matthew 9:1 that Capernaum was His own
city. Not that He was born there. Not that He grew up
there, but that Jesus evidently made Capernaum His
headquarters. Located on the sea of Galilee, here's
where Jesus performed many of His wonderful works.
Yet, when you study the Scriptures and see the things
that Jesus did in Capernaum, you will discover that
for all of the miracles Jesus performed there, for the
most part very few people received him as their
Savior. They were astonished. They were amazed about
the miracles that He performed but for the most part
they were untouched.

It is possible for a miracle to be going on right in
the middle of a city and for the most part people be
uninterested and unmoved by it all. So Jesus comes to
Capernaum. The Bible says in verse 1 that ...

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