by Jerry Vines

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Jerry Vines
Mark 4:35-41

Jesus had a very hard, long day and He needed some
rest. So He went into the ship, to the back part of
the ship and laid down upon a pillow and went to
sleep. What a picture. The Master of the Universe
asleep in a little ship.

This is one of those miracles of the Lord which took
place in the realm of nature. You will recall that a
great storm comes up on this sea and the Lord Jesus
Christ speaks to the winds and to the waves and there
is a great calm. The Lord Jesus Christ, when He came
into the world, did the kinds of things that man would
have been able to do had there been no sin. When God
created Adam and Eve He said to them, "Have dominion
over all of the earth." Before sin came into the
world I believe that this was true. But when sin came
into the world, man lost for the most part his
dominion over the world. But when the Lord Jesus came
to the earth, the perfect man had perfect dominion and
so Jesus had authority not only over the fish in the
sea but also the sea of the fish.

This particular miracle where the Lord Jesus calms the
storm is a miracle that has a great deal to say to us
about life. I have a feeling that I will speak today
to many who will be experiencing the very things that
I'm going to discuss. I have a feeling that many of
you in your lifeboat are going through a storm. Right
now you are facing a storm in your life and you really
wonder are you going to make it through. You get the
feeling that you just may go under.

I heard someone say several years ago that everybody
is either heading into a storm, is in a storm or is
coming out of a storm. Storms are a part of life.
All of us face storms in our lives from time to time.
So, you may need the lessons that the Lord has for us
in this miracle of calming the angry storm upon the

I want to call your attention to several lessons I

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