by Jerry Vines

Jacob in the School of Hard Knocks
Genesis 29-31
Jerry Vines

This is the experience immediately after the time when Jacob came to know the
Lord Jesus as his personal Savior in the Old Testament sense of that term. It
was the salvation experience, it was the beginning point in the life of Jacob,
but we must remember that salvation is merely the beginning point, it is not
the completion of everything God intends to do. When you are saved you take
that first step into the family of God. You begin to grow, mature and develop.
But, being saved is merely the beginning point, it is not the completion of
the process. Bro. Bill, tonight in the conclusion of the baptismal service,
quoted that beautiful verse in Philippians 1:6, "Being confident of this one
thing that he who hath begun a good work in you will complete it until the day
of Jesus Christ. Salvation is a process. There is a sense in which you can
say, I have been saved, and I am being saved, and I am going to be saved. I
think we need to understand this. If we don't understand it we are going to
get discouraged as we move through the Christian life. Jacob is a saved man
and yet you are going to discover that there is still a very great deal of the
old Jacob in this boy. The Scripture begins here in verse one by saying, "and
Jacob went on his journey." Literally it says, "And Jacob lifted up his feet."
Jacob woke up the next morning a brand new man. He had a brand new life, he
had a brand new experience. He had met God, God was now real in his life. So,
this morning there is a spring in his steps. There is a song in his heart and
he is on his way to live his life with the presence of God in his life. But,
the Lord has a lot of work to do on old Jacob. The Lord has got to refine
Jacob's life and make him what he has saved him to be. There is some old
leaven that is going to have to be purged out of Jacob's life. There is some
dross that is going to have to be burned and consumed so the g ...

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