by Jerry Vines

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Philippians 2
Jerry Vines

As review, the book of Philippians is the book of the joyful Christian mind. One of the ways
you can understand what a book of the Bible is about is by looking at words that are repeated in the
book. When you study the book of Philippians it's very easy to pick up on the fact that the word, joy,
is one of the main words. Almost 20 times in 4 chapters the Spirit of God uses the word, joy, or some
form of the word, joy. So, we know this is a book of joy.
Also, as you read through this book you will notice that words that have to do with the mind
are used frequently. The mind - the thinking process - the understanding - these kinds of words and
really over 30 times these kinds of words related to the mind are used. So, when you put them together
and are aware of the fact that Philippians is a book given specifically to those who are in Christ, to
those who are saved, to those who are Christians, then the theme of the book becomes the joyful
Christian mind - how you as a believer can have joy in the Lord.
The book of Philippians you might say is God's book of psychology. Let me just qualify what I
mean when I use that statement. I do not mean that the Bible is a psychology book. The Bible was
never intended to be a psychology book anymore than the Bible was ever intended to be a science
book. But we believe that when the Bible speaks on scientific subjects the Bible is true. We believe
when the Bible speaks on psychological subjects then the Bible is true.
In I Thessalonians 5:23 the Bible says that man is a trinity. Man is a body. He has a physical
nature. He is a soul. He has a psychological nature. He is also a spirit. He has a spiritual nature. So
when the Bible addresses anything that has to do with the physical realm wh ...

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