by Jerry Vines

Jacob's Ladder
Jerry Vines
Genesis 28:10-22

We come to the third main personality in the second half of the book of
Genesis. There is Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph. We are told that the God
of the Bible was specifically the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the
God of Jacob. It's a little bit easier for me to identify with Jacob than it
is for some of the other characters in the Bible. When I read about some of
the Bible men and I see the caliber of their lives and their deep, intense
devotion to the Lord, sometimes it's a little difficult for me to identify.
But, I find no problem in dealing with the life of Jacob. Jacob is so very
human. Jacob is so very much like everyone of us. You remember that the name,
Jacob, means heel snatcher or schemer. As you study the Life of Jacob you- will
discover that indeed this man was a schemer. He has already deceived his
father. He has tricked his brother, Esau, out of his birthright and out of his
blessing as well. So, here is a man to whom God came in this chapter and made
himself very real. I have the idea that Jacob had heard a great deal about
God.I think, Jacob, as a young man was told about God by his father, Isaac. He
was brought up in a godly home. He was in a home where God was talked about
and where God was reverenced and where God was worshipped. It's altogether
possible that Jacob went to the place of worship with his father from time to
time. Jacob was like many people in our world tonight. He had heard about the
Lord. He had been in the presence of the things of the Lord, but the presence
of God was not real in his own heart and life. Up to this point we have
studied about Jacob, his birth, his experiences with his twin brother, Esau
and how he deceived his own father. I think Jacob, up to this point, was not a
converted man. He knew about the Lord, but he didn't know the Lord in a
personal kind of way. There are many people like that. There are many people
who come in and ou ...

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