by Jerry Vines

Isaac's Family Troubles
Genesis 25-27
Jerry Vines

When you study the second half of the book of Genesis you discover that the
material is arranged around four main personalities. We have in those chapters
the stories of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph. We are told that God is the
God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob. When we look at the
story of these lives we see what God is doing in the lives of men who dare to
walk by faith with God. We have considered in some detail the life of Abraham.
We have seen this man of faith as he has walked by faith and God has answered
prayer in his life. Abraham slips away and now Isaac comes to the center
stage. We study for a brief moment the life of this man, Isaac. There is not a
great deal about Isaac in the book of Genesis. Isaac just comes on the scene
for a brief time mid then ht is gon-e Isaac seems to have been- the oridinary
son of an extraordinary father. The ordinary father of an extraordinary son.
But there are some lessons from the life of Isaac which I believe can speak to
our hearts tonight. I want to make three observations about the life of Isaac
and speak on Isaac's family troubles. Number one, let's consider together,
Isaac's blessings. When you study the different characters of the Bible you
will discover that many of them are characterized by their relationship to
some particular thing. For instance, when we read Abraham, we find he was the
man of the tent and the altar. Everywhere you see Abraham, he builds an altar
and pitches a tent. Take the life of Lot. When you consider the life of Lot
you will discover that Lot was related to the city of Sodom. Everytime you
think about Lot you think about the time when he pitched his tent towards
Sodom and the grief and sorrow it brought in his life. When you come to the
life of Isaac, there is something which is characteristic of him as well. When
you look at Isaac's life you think about building or digging wells. Almost ...

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