by Jerry Vines

I John 2:18-27
Jerry Vines

You will notice in verse 18 that he addresses this section to little children. All through I John he
talks about the little children - talking about new believers in the Lord. We have, all the time, in our
congregation here a number of people who have just been saved. Every Sunday God blesses us. We
see people coming down the aisle receiving Christ as Savior, following the Lord in the baptismal
waters, getting started in the Christian life. At all times we have a good number of those who would be
described in this letter as little children.
It's important that you teach little children lessons which are vital for their growth and
development as believers. Same thing is true in the physical realm. Little children have to be taught
certain lessons. One of the things you have to teach little children to do is tell time. If you go through
life not knowing how to tell time, you are in bad situation.
I heard about a little fellow who was out playing one day and he asked somebody, "What time
is it?" They said, "Four o'clock." He said, "It can't be four o'clock because mom said be home at four
and I'm not." So you can get in all kinds of trouble if you don't know how to tell time.
That's true for God's people also. It is important for us to understand the days in which we live.
John says to little children, young believers, in verse 18 - "it is the last time." If John wrote that almost
2,000 years ago, what do you think John would write if he were writing in our day? 2,000 years ago,
shortly after the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus, John said "it is the last time." What would he
say if he were writing now?
I heard about a farmer who went to bed one night. They had a grandfather clock that chimed
and at midnight the clock went haywire and chi ...

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