by Jerry Vines

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Jerry Vines
Mark 5:25-34

We have visited Mark 5 before. We have looked at the
opening verses of the chapter which tell about the
miracle when Jesus cast the demons out of Legion. We
will visit the chapter again down in the series when
we see at the conclusion of the chapter the Lord Jesus
will bring back to life a 12 year old girl who has

But today we are coming to the miracle that is really
in the middle. This particular miracle of the healing
of the woman is sandwiched between the first miracle
and the last miracle. The first miracle has to do
with the realm of demons. The last miracle has to do
with the realm of death. This miracle, in between,
has to do with the subject of disease. It was kind of
a parenthetical. It was a miracle done along the way.
Keep in mind that the primary purpose Jesus came into
this world was to go to the cross and die for the sins
of the world. So, Jesus is on his way to do the work
on the cross that will ultimately cure us all, but
along the way He stops to help hurting people and in
this instance he stops to help a woman who has a great
need in her life.

Another thing you will notice as you look at this
chapter is how Jesus relates to all people. The first
part of the chapter He relates to a man. The last
part of the chapter He relates to a child. In this
part of a chapter He relates to a woman. Here is a
woman who comes to Jesus. She pushes her way through
the crowd. She doesn't let the crowd hinder her. She
reaches out and touches the Lord Jesus and immediately
the Bible says she is made whole.

I think about all of us ought to love the Lord Jesus
but I am thinking about this woman and the fact that
all women, especially, ought to love the Lord Jesus.
On the front page of the paper this morning there are
some articles about women obtaining their right to
vote. Right on the front page is ...

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