by Jerry Vines

Jerry Vines
MARCH 4, 1984

I want to talk about praying for Sodom. We are looking
at the life of Abraham, the great man of faith. The
reason we are so interested in Abraham's life is
because the Scriptures teach us that Abraham is the
father of the faithful. In the life of Abraham we see
what a life of faith is intended to be. We have
learned that the man who walks by faith is not a
perfect man. There are times in his life when he fails
the Lord, when he goes down to Egypt, loses his
testimony, and all of the problems that come into a
man's life. But, Abraham is a man who believes God.

You remember in the previous chapter God had said
again to Abraham, "Abraham, you are going to have a
son." The Scripture says that Abraham believed God. In
other words Abraham said, "Amen, Lord." He is now
confidently waiting for the promise of God. One of the
most difficult things to do in the life of faith is to
wait for the fulfillment of the promise. Most of us
are not born with an abundance of patience. I
certainly have not been born with a lot of it. I have
to really work on this matter of being patient. I'm
like the guy who got down on his knees and said,
"Lord, I pray that you will give me patience, and give
it to me right now." I'm that way a lot in my life.

In Hebrews 10:36 the Bible says:
For ye have need of patience that after you have done
the will of God ye might receive the promise.

So, what we are going to study now is those years
which pass as God makes the promise to Abraham.
Abraham waits for the promise of God to be fulfilled.
First of all in the 16th chapter I want us to notice
Abraham's problem. A problem arises as Abraham waits
for God to fulfill the wonderful promise of a son.

Look at verse 1 and following:
Now Sarai Abram's wife bare him no children: and she
had an handmaid an Egyptian, whose name was Hagar. And
Sarai said unto Abram, Behold now, ...

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