by Jerry Vines

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Philippians 4
Jerry Vines

The little book of Philippians is the book in the Bible about how to have a joyful Christian mind.
When you read these brief four chapters you will notice that there are two things that run concurrently
all the way through the book. One of the themes is the theme of joy. Over and over again we hear that
little bell ringing - the bell of joy. "Rejoice in the Lord and again I say rejoice." The other theme that
runs throughout the book is the idea of the mind. Many different words that have to do with the mind
are used in this book. "Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus." The people on the
earth mind earthly things so you will find all the way through the book emphasis placed on the mind.
When you put those two main themes together you get the book of the joyful Christian mind.
Warren Wiersbe has pointed out that as you read through this book about the joyful Christian
mind you will encounter the four thieves that rob us of a joyful Christian mind. There is the thief of
circumstances in chapter 1; people in chapter 2; things in chapter 3 and chapter 4 there is the thief of
Worry is a combination of all of the other three. When we worry we have wrong thinking and
wrong feeling about circumstances, people and things. So worry really kind of puts it all together.
Worry is one of the great problems people are facing. Someone said that the biography of the majority
of people in our society is in three word - hurry, worry and bury. We have some status symbols of our
day -- the ulcer is a status symbol and we have come to understand that when people have ulcers it's
not always what they are eating many times; it's what's eating them.
Stress has become a status symbol. A heart attack has become a status symbol because the
pressure peop ...

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