by Jerry Vines

Jerry Vines

We turn again tonight to Abraham after Lot has made his selfish choice and
gone his way. The Bible says that Lot chose him all the plains of Sodom and
Gomorrah, and he journeyed east. Abraham made up his mind that he was going to
let God make the choice for him. Now, the Lord says to Abraham, "Abraham, I
want you to look to the north, I want you to look to the south, I want you to
look to the east, I want you to look to the west. Everything you can see I
will give it to you. Isn't it an interesting thing to notice here that thought
Lot chose to go toward the east, God said to Abraham, "I'm going to give you
the east." Jesus said , in the sermon on the Mount, the meek shall inherit the
earth. When we leave the choice to God, God always makes a better choice for
us than we can make for ourselves. So, God made this wonderful promise to
Abraham that he would give him all of this land. So, in verse 18 we see the
same thing we'v seen previously. He pitches his tent, he builds his altar, he
has the proper relationship to this world. He is a pilgrim and a stra-nger
passing through. He has a relationship to God, he builds his altar. He is in a
place called, Mamre, which means vision, and, Hebron, which means communion.
So, there is Abraham living by faith. He is having visions of the Lord and
what God has promised to him in the future. He is in communion with God-
walking with God, pitching his tent and building his altar. When you turn the
page in the life of Abraham, you encounter a series of battles. If you have
been a Christian any length of time you know that the Christian life is not
always a calm life. Life, as a believer has its battles. There are those days
when the bombs drop and when the cannons boom. There are those experiences in
life as a believer when we have to war and when we have to battle. Faith is
not tested in the days of calmness. But faith is tested in the days of battl ...

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