by Jerry Vines

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Philippians 1
Jerry Vines

There are four chapters in this little book in God's Word and we are going to look in successive
Wednesday nights at these four chapters. The more I study the Bible, and I have been studying the
Bible for a long, long time, the more I am grateful and thankful that God in His wisdom has given to us
our Bible. I find myself more and more just loving God's Word. Sometimes when I pick it up I just
kind of pat it a little bit because it has become so very precious and so very special to me.
The Bible is a vast library which gives to us the will of God and God's wisdom for all of life.
The Bible says that God, in His divine power, has given to us all things that pertain to life and godliness.
I think by implication God in His Word has given to us those things that will help us understand what
life is all about and how to live life and how to live a godly life.
In the pages of the Bible you will find God's directions about how we can live a holy, helpful
and happy life. Notice the order I put that in. A holy, helpful and a happy life. Happiness is not to be
the goal of the believer's life. Happiness is to be a by-product. The chief end of man, as the
Westminster Confession said, is to know God and enjoy Him forever. So, the number one thing is to
be made holy by a new birth experience with the Lord Jesus Christ. Then after you have come to
Christ and have been declared righteous in Him and are holy then you can begin to be helpful. You can
be a blessing, you can be an encouragement, you can be helpful to other people. Then, along the way,
as you are right with God, as you are ministering and being a blessing to other people, God has a way
of bringing happiness into your life. You have to make sure that you relationship to God is rig ...

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