by Jerry Vines

Genesis 13-14, 19 (2/19/84)
Jerry Vines

I want us to just turn aside for a few moments from the life of Abraham, the
man of faith, and consider the life of Lot, the nephew of Abraham. There are
two primary reasons it's important for us to look at the life of Lot. In Luke
17, the Lord Jesus said that the conditions which existed in the days of Lot
would be the same conditions in the world when He came again. So, we need to
very carefully examine what the social, the political, and the moral
conditions were in the days of Lot. These will give us cues and clues to help
us know what kind of world it will be when the Lord Jesus Christ comes again.
The primary reason I want us to look at the life of Lot, and contrast it with
Abraham, is because between Abraham and Lot you get a good picture of the
difference between a spiritual Christian and a carnal Christian. Abraham
represents the spiritual Christian--the man who is walking by faith, living
for God, drawing closer and closer to the Lord. Lot, on the other hand
represents the carnal Christian, the salt that has lost its saltiness, the
light that has lost its power to radiate. You would have a hard time to
imagine that Lot was really a child of God. After we get through studying
these verses of Scripture, if you didn't have two verses in the New Testament
which tell us plainly that Lot was a child of God, you would really have a
hard time believing that Lot went to heaven when he died. In fact, you have to
read all the way through the book of Genesis, all the way through the history
books, all the way through Psalms, all the way through the Old Testament
prophets and almost all the way through the New Testament before you discover
that Lot was a child of God. Turn over to II Peter 2. This Old Testament
character, Lot, is picked up again. In II Peter 2:6 and following here's what
we read:
And turning the cities of Sodom and Gomorrha into ashes condemned
them with an ov ...

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