by Jerry Vines

Psalm 85:6-9
Jerry Vines

Revival is a return of God's glory to a life, to a church or to a nation. When the glory departed
from the Children of Israel there was a group of people in that nation that began to pray earnestly that
God would bring back the glory. They were praying that God would return again and that His
presence might be manifested among them. That little group of people began to pray and God indeed
sent the glory back when the Lord Jesus came to this earth in His incarnation. This prayer was
evidently written under the anointing of the Holy Spirit by one who was a part of that group praying for
God to bring back the glory again. In the very heart of the Psalm we have the prayer in verse 6, "wilt
thou not revive us again." In verse 9 he tells us what is the desired result of revival when he says "that
glory may dwell in our land." Revival is a return of the awesome presence of God to a life, to a church
or to a nation.
Think with me first about the fact that we need a -
I. NATIONAL Revival.
"That glory may dwell in our land." This is the first emphasis of the prayer here and the ultimate
point of the prayer that God would bring revival to the nation of Israel. There was a need for a national
revival in that day and I think you would agree with me that there is also a need for a national revival in
America. America needs again to sense the awesome presence and power of God. For the most part
America has lost its God-consciousness. There is no consciousness to much degree in America. There
is very little awareness of the reality and presence of God in American society. We have lost our God-
consciousness and as result we have also lost our moral compass. We need a revival - a return of the
glory, the presence, of God in this land of America.
I'm not talking about a ...

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