by Jerry Vines

Philippians 1:19
Jerry Vines

When I was a little boy my father was a breadman. He distributed bread to our little county
seat town and to all of the surrounding county around us. He didn't bake the bread. He got up at 4:00
every morning and went over to their warehouse and met a truck coming from the bakery where the
bread was baked and got his load for the day. Then he delivered the bread out to the customers. He
didn't bake the bread, he just delivered the bread.
I think that is really the key when you come to the matter of Christian service. The real question
in Christian service is -- who bakes the bread?
In relationship to the believer there is a three-fold work of the Holy Spirit. There is the Spirit's
work FOR us. We call this salvation. There is the Spirit's work IN us. This is sanctification. Then
there is the Spirit's work THROUGH us and we call this Christian service.
The majority of you in this service tonight are serving the Lord in some capacity. You're
working in Sunday School, you're serving as an usher, you're working in the Music Ministry, you're
working with young people. Probably the majority of you are working in some form of Christian
The real secret in Christian service is learning that we do not produce our own fruit, but we
have to be supplied by the Holy Spirit. There is a difference between activity and ministry. A lot of
what people do in their service really is classified as activity. They may be very busy doing all kinds of
active things. But what they are doing they are doing in the energy of the flesh and so it is only activity.
Ministry, on the other hand, is Christian service which is done in the energy of the Holy Spirit. So,
there is a difference between activit ...

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