by Jerry Vines

Jerry Vines
Genesis 11:1-9

I want to give you at the very beginning of the message tonight a simply outline to help you get the whole book of Genesis in your mind. The opening section of the book of Genesis is built around four major events. There is the creation, the fall, the flood and the tower of Babel. The first eleven chapters of Genesis are built around these four major events.

The remaining chapters 12-50 of Genesis are built around four major personalities: Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph. Those chapters just tell the story of these great men of faith. How God worked in their lives. What God in and through their lives and how in their lives they came to know God in a personal kind of way. Before we move into these studies of these great Bible characters we've got to look again at the results of sin in the human family.

We've got to take one more look at man's attempt to live his life apart from God. You remember, in Genesis 3, where there was no sin, Adam and Eve disobeyed the commandment of God and when they did it brought sin into the human family. From that point on it is a record of failure, rebellion and misery. Genesis begins in a beautiful garden with creation. It concludes in Egypt in a coffin.

So, sin is to blame. Sin is the problem for all of the rebellion and misery in human life and for what we find in this particular book. We are going to look specifically at this tower of Babel. You might call this Humanism's Tower of Blunders. It represents man's attempt to unify mankind. By the way, it is God's explanation for why there are so many different languages in the world. The last I heard there were over 6,700 known languages in the world. Have you wondered why this is true? Have you ever wondered if there was a time when there was only one language in the world? The Bible tells us in this chapter that there was a time when all men had one language and one speech.

Here were all the men of the world. Here was mankind ...

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