by Jerry Vines

Genesis 10:1-18
Jerry Vines

I want you to look at the twentieth chapter of the book of Genesis. We've been
away from the book of Genesis for one month. We have been in revival meeting
and been looking at some other matters, observing the Lord's supper. Now we
get back to the book of Genesis and in particular the life of Abraham.
Abraham, the man of faith; the may the Bible says was the friend of God. I
want us to look at the entire twentieth chapter tonight because there is a
message in this chapter I believe God wants us to hear. I want to discuss with
you a very real danger for those of you who are growing Christians. As I look
over this building I see many of you who are growing in the Lord. I have come
to know you and I know your walk with the Lord, and you are a growing,
maturing Christian. You are moving on in the Lord, you are studying the Bible,
you are winning victories with Jesus, you are a soulwinner. So, I want to
discuss from these verses, a danger which is very real to you as a growing
Christian. Sometimes there is the danger, as you mature in the Lord, that you
will begin to depend upon your maturity rather than the grace of God. The hymn
writer put it quite well when he said, "O, to grace how great a debtor, daily
I'm constrained to be." The same grace that saves us, delivers us from sin,
makes us a child of God, is the grace we need in order to live for Jesus
everyday of our lives. You never get to the point in your life as a believer
where you do not need the grace of God to sustain and strengthen you in your
daily life. The strongest Christian is still susceptible to temptation and is
not above the possibility of sin. I don't care how strong you get. I don't
care how you grow in the Lord, it is still possible for you as a child of God
to yield to temptation and to let sin come into your life. In fact, I want to
tell you something. You can fall lower, as a child of God, than you ever
dreamed you co ...

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