by Jerry Vines

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Matthew 7:13
Jerry Vines

If you have never been, I would like to recommend that you take a trip to St. Augustine. Get your wife
or a friend and go down and see the oldest city in the United States. There are really two ways you
can go to St. Augustine. You can go down I95 on a very spacious, large interstate highway. A lot of
travelers and a lot of traffic but it is a very easy and quick way to get to St. Augustine. There's another
way you may want to travel. You might want to go to the beach and get on A1A. It's a little bit more
narrow but there are some interesting things to see and eventually you will get to St. Augustine.
We've been studying a series of messages about the Road Ahead. We are talking about the
road of human history. The interesting thing about the road ahead is that the Lord Jesus says there are
two lanes upon which people are traveling. Jesus said that there is a broad road and also there is a
narrow road. On that broad road there are many people who are traveling thereon. On the narrow
there are few who travel. Jesus makes an appeal that people decide upon which road they want to
There is a crucial difference between going to St. Augustine and getting on the road ahead --
the road of human life. If you get on either I 95 or A1A they both lead to St. Augustine. But the Lord
Jesus makes it very clear in this verse that if you get on the narrow road it leads to one destination, if
you get on the broad road it leads to another destination altogether. Jesus says that on the narrow road
you will go to eternal life. If you get on the broad road you will go to destruction.
There are many decisions you have to make in life. You have to make a decision about what
you are going to do in life. You have to decide whom you are going ...

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