by Jerry Vines

II Corinthians 4:6
Jerry Vines

We are getting real close to what is the key to revival among God's people. We have seen that
in the Old Testament the concept of glory and revival go together. When you see glory in the Old
Testament or when you see the word, glory, in the entire Bible, always keep in mind that glory is an
outward manifestation. It is the presence of God in all of his splendor as He reveals Himself to men.
Wherever God is, wherever the presence of God is real, the word that describes that presence of God
is the word, glory. The revival that the Old Testament children of God called for and prayed for was a
new experience of the presence of God. Every time God came down and the people were revived the
word, glory, is the word that is used. So, glory and revival in the Old Testament go together.
When you move into the area of the New Testament you will find there is a new thought added.
In the New Testament you will find that glory and revival and Jesus go together. We will see how
these three go together and I will give you another definition of what revival means and what happens
when revival really comes to God's people.
In the Old Testament we are told that the glory of God departed from the children of Israel.
God wrote across the door of the nation - Ichabod - which means the glory has departed. God gave a
vision to Ezekiel about that glory of God departing. How that the glory of God moved from the holy
place and the mercy seat, moved to the threshold of the door and then the next time Ezekiel saw it he
saw that glory of God moving out to the Mount of Olives. Then the glory of God departed back to
heaven again.
The same Ezekiel that God revealed the glory would depart, also makes a prediction that one
day God's glory would return ...

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