by Jerry Vines

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Adventures in Spirit-living
Jerry Vines
I Corinthians 12:1-7

I have told you on several occasions about taking
an aptitude test after my junior year in high school.
That was standard procedure in those days. This was
to kind of give you an idea of what your natural
inclinations and abilities were and hopefully would
get you ready to go into some kind of occupation for
life. They told me it would probably be good for me
to go into something in the realm of science or
mathematics. Whatever I did, I should avoid doing
anything that had to do with speaking or writing. I
certainly concurred with that because I was not the
most interested student in school you ever saw. I was
not interesting in writing or anything like that. I
had almost failed junior English because one of the
requirements for finishing the class that year was to
give a five-minute speech in front of the entire
class. It was almost possible for me to do. On top of
that my dad had aspirations that I would become a
surgeon. Think about that. How would you like to be
laid out on an operating table and me come tooling in
with a scalpel in my hand and saying, "I wonder do I
cut this way or that way?" I didn't figure I was
going to be a surgeon.

Right in the middle of that atmosphere the Lord
called me to preach. I was the most stunned and the
most surprised person in all the world when the Lord
did this. I knew I couldn't speak. I knew I didn't
have the natural abilities that you might think a
person had to have in order to preach the Gospel, so I
came to the conclusion that if I had indeed been
called to preach God was going to have to give me all
of the necessary abilities to be able to faithfully
preach the Gospel.

In the course of that the Lord led me to a verse
of Scripture. In I Tim. 1:12 the Bible says, "And I
thank Christ Jesus our Lord who hath enabled me for
that he coun ...

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