by Jerry Vines

I Samuel 4:21, 22
Jerry Vines

The word, glory, is one of those words that is found many, many times in the Bible. In fact,
almost 400 times in the Word of God you will find the word, glory, used. I have studied this particular
word for a number of years and I have come to believe that it is one of the key words in all of the Bible.
The word, glory, is a word that carries as its root meaning the idea of weight or worth. In other words,
the glory of something is that which gives weight or worth to something. Glory really is an outward
manifestation of an inward reality. When the Bible talks about glory, and in particular the glory of the
Lord, it is talking about the manifested presence of God among His people. When God becomes real
to His people, when the presence of God is among His people, the word that the Bible uses to describe
that presence is glory. Wherever God is it is glory and whatever God does, it is glory.
I believe that the word, glory, is a word that really ties into the whole concept of revival. I
believe that from time to time God's people need a new experience with Him -- a new experience of
His glory. Keep in mind that revival is something that can only happen to God's people. In Psalm 85:6
the Bible says, "Wilt not thou revive US again, that thy people may rejoice in thee." Then, in the great
revival text of II Chronicles 7:14 it says, "If MY people who are called by my name shall humble
themselves and pray, then will I hear from heaven."
Revival is not something that can take place with lost people for revival is a living again. It is a
rekindling of fires that have burned low. It is something that can only happen among God's people. So,
let me give you a definition of revival around the concept of this word, glory. Revival is a new
experience of the presence of God am ...

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