by Jerry Vines

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John 5:43
Jerry Vines

All along the road of human history, there have been those who have aspired to be king of the
road. There have always been those who wanted to dominate. There have been those who wanted to
rule as supreme tyrant and dictator over the entire earth. We find this is true in the pages of secular
history. I read the story of Alexander and he sat down and wept because there were no worlds to
conquer. But there were worlds Alexander knew not of so he did not attain world dictation.
Then there was Napoleon who thought he would rule the whole world. He almost had his
greedy grasp around the whole world and yet his hopes for world rule were slain on the fields of
Hitler wanted to rule the world so he established his Third Reich but that concluded in the ashes
of a bunker in Berlin.
Read secular history and you will find many who wanted to be king of the road. It is also true
in sacred history. As you read the Word of God you will find a series of would-be world rulers.
Nimrod organized his kingdom around a tower of Babel and God came down and brought it to great
confusion. Nebuchadnezzar decided that he would be the ruler of the world so he defied the living
God, God turned him into an animal until he acknowledged that the most high rules over the kingdoms
of men.
There was also Antiochus Epiphanes. So brazen was he in his attempt for world rule he went
into the very temple of God and put a pig on the altar and he thought he would rule the world. But he
didn't rule the world either.
All through the pages of human history, both secular and sacred, there have been those who
wanted to be world ruler, king of the road. You do understand that this Bible teaches this world does
have a ruler. The Bible tells us that Sata ...

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