by Jerry Vines

Genesis 4:17-26
Jerry Vines

In these verses we are going to look at the conclusion of the ungodly line
of Cain, and the beginning of the Godly line of Seth. Before we do, we have
got to consider the question which is raised by the reading of the 17th
verse. In that verse you will notice the Bible says Cain knew his wife--
that means he had sexual relations with her and that she conceived and bare
a son. That verse is the verse which has given rise to probably the most
frequently asked question about the Bible of all. The question is--where
did Cain get his wife? Around the 19th century or the beginning of this
century in the 1900's, it was a popular question of infid-els. Tho-mas Payne
used to use the question quite frequently. It has been used by unbelievers
through the years as an attempt to side-step the claims of the gospel. Many
a lost person, not wanting to face his need of Jesus and the claims of
Christ upon his soul has thrown out the question--where did Cain get his
wife? When Christians have not been able to answer the question, they have
laughed with glee and they have thought they have found a mistake or an
error in the Bible. We need to answer that question tonight, don't we? We
need to find a solution to the problem--where did Cain get his wife?
Actually the question is not a very difficult question to answer. There are
two other verses in the Word of God which come to bare upon this 17th
verse. Look back at the third chapter. I want you to look at the 20th verse
at a statement which is made there about Eve. Genesis 3:20-
And Adam called his wife's name Eve; because
she was the mother of all living.
There is a statement that Eve was the mother of all living--all life began
there--all offspring have their derivation from Eve. Flip over to the 5th
chapter and the 4th verse. I want to show you what it says there. Gen.5:4-
And the days of Adam after he had begotten Seth
were eight hundred years: a ...

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