by Jerry Vines

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Revelation 3:10
Jerry Vines

A number of our people travel during the week. They live on the road. They live in hotel
rooms and they eat restaurant food. When the weekend gets close by and it's time for them they can
hardly wait to come back home. It's no fun living on the road.
The Bible tells us we are on a road ahead and it is the road of human history. The Bible gives
us many of the details about this road ahead and it tells us some of the things we can expect along the
way. The Bible tells us that you have to pick your world. You have to chose if you want to live only on
this road or if you want to live for a better world.
As you study the book of the Revelation you will find that there is a phrase that begins to occur
all through its pages. It is found in the verse we are studying this morning. Notice the last part of verse
10 - "them that dwell upon the earth." This is the Bible's description of those who have decided that
they will live their lives only for this world. They will live their lives only on the road. I refer to them as
the earth dwellers. This is never used to describe God's born-again, saved people. The Bible says that
those who have received the Lord Jesus Christ really don't belong in this world any more. The Bible
says our citizenship is in heaven. We belong to another world. So, believers are described as strangers
and pilgrims in the world.
In Hebrews 11 we are told about Abraham. The Bible says Abraham dwelt in tents because
he was aware of the fact that he didn't belong here, that he was on his way to a better world, that he
was a stranger and a pilgrim here.
There was an old Gospel quartet number --
This world is not my home, I'm just a passing through. My treasures are
laid up somewhere beyond ...

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