by Christopher Harbin

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Sixty-Ninth Day after Pentecost:
Series: Pentecost Devotional
Christopher Harbin
Judges 10:16

''Then the Israelites got rid of the idols of the foreign gods, and they began worshiping only the LORD. Finally, there came a time when the LORD could no longer stand to see them suffer.'' Judges 10:16

So often we relate to prayer and God along the lines of the jinn of Arab mythology as we know them from the stories of Arabian Nights. We consider that prayer functions as the rubbing of a lamp which somehow grants us control of an all-powerful being. We wield that lamp in order to gain power, control, and enforce our will upon those around us. We seek to manipulate our circumstances in a manner as to advance our personal needs, desires, and whims above those of others.


Seventieth Day after Pentecost:
Series: Pentecost Devotional
Christopher Harbin
Mark 8:2-3

''I feel sorry for these people. They have been with me for three days, and they don't have anything to eat. Some of them live a long way from here. If I send them away hungry, they might faint on their way home.'' Mark 8:2-3

By what definitions were Jesus and the disciples responsible for feeding the crowds who had run out of food? Had the people not made the choice to follow Jesus to hear him teach? Had they not failed to prepare to stay three days with Jesus by not bringing enough food? Should the onus not have been upon the crowds to provide for their own needs?
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