by Jerry Vines

GENESIS 4:9-16
By Jerry Vines

We are studying the life of Cain. You remember, last week, we saw that Cain
took the life of his own brother, Abel--the first murder in the Bible--the
first recorded murder. Now, we are following the aftermath of that
situation. In Genesis 4, beginning with verse 9. When a man rejects the way
of the cross, life for that man becomes downhill from that point on. Cain
rejected God's provision of a blood atonement for his sin, and it started
his life on a toboggan slide that eventually led to hell. Over in the book
of Jude in the 11th verse, the Bible warns us of the way of Cain. The Bible
tells us there is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof
are the ways of death. Cain chose his own way. Cain chose to go a certain
direction, and the Bible shows us the sad consequences of that choice.
Every man has the choice to decide. He can take the way of the cross and go
to heaven--God's way; or he can take the way of Cain and he will never go
to heaven. God respects you as an individual. God has given you the right
to make a choice. God has given you a will. You have the power to say,
"yes, I will do this." or, "No, I will not do this." If you chose to, God
will even let you chose to go the way of Cain. But, the Bible is very
faithful to your soul. The BibIe shows you the consequences of a life that
is chosen disobeying him and rejecting his offer of mercy. Cain's life is
an illustration to us of what it means when a man turns his back on God and
walks away. There are several things I want to to call your attention to in
these verses of Scripture. The first thing I want you to notice is Cain's
discavry Don-'t yaiu think Gain probably never h-ad any idea before the fact
that when he sinned the way he did, anybody was ever going to discover it.
Don't you think that somehow Cain had the idea he was going to get away
with his sin. I think every person, probably, who comm ...

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