by Steve Jones

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Funeral Service Based on Peter (2 of 14)
Series: Funeral Series
Steve Jones
1 Peter 5:13

DESCRIPTION: Funeral for a godly man based upon the life of Peter - especially someone who loved fishing.

Parallels between the ''deceased'' and PETER

FISHERMAN - Both Peter and the Bob were fishermen. Think about it, Peter was an avid fisherman like Bob - in fact, a professional fisherman. A fisherman of the first century was a man's man - he had to be because it was a physically demanding job. They had to be tough, strong, good with their hands, employing that can-do attitude. That's Bob!

FAMILY MAN - Peter and Bob were both family men.

Both were married. Peter refers to his ''son'' in I Pt. 5:13. We know that Peter took his wife and family along with him when he travelled on his missionary journeys. Peter was a family man and Bob was a family man. Bob understood that if you were to save the whole world but lose your family in the process you would not be a ''success'' in the eyes of God. He made a positive spiritual impact on his wife and children. His example to his family counted for Christ.

SINFUL MAN - Peter, like all humans was a sinner.

Remember when Peter encountered Jesus in the boat and his reaction was ''Depart from me for I am a sinful man'' (Lk.5:8). Bob also had a deep awareness of his own sinfulness - and that is a good thing. An awareness of one's own sinfulness keeps us humble before God and dependant upon his grace rather than our own self-righteousness. Who clings more tightly to the life preserver: the person who thinks they're a great swimmer or the person who knows he can't swim? Likewise, the person who understands their own sinfulness clings more tightly to the savior.

CHRISTIAN MAN - Both Peter and Bob were Christian men. Peter was called by Jesus to leave everything and follow him. And Peter answered that call. So did Bob. Bob was baptized into Christ as a young man. He loved the Lord and he loved the church. He taug ...

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