by Steve Jones

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Funeral Service Based on Aquila (5 of 14)
Series: Funeral Series
Steve Jones
Acts 18

DESCRIPTION: This funeral message is appropriate for a quiet godly man, especially a teacher. It is based upon the life of Aquila.


1) Aquila was a family man. Aquila is mentioned six times in the New Testament and each time he is mentioned his wife is mentioned with him. What was his wife's name? Priscilla. Why do you remember that? You remember that because those names kind of rhyme, Priscilla and Aquila, but also because she is always mentioned along with her husband Aquila. What was the name of Peter's wife? We don't know. What was the name of James' wife? We don't know. What were the names of the wives of the other Apostles? We don't know. We know they had names, we just don't know who they were. But we know the name of Aquila's wife.

And we know the name of Nyle's wife. He loved his wife and she loved him and they were married for fifty years and had three beautiful daughters and six grandchildren. And all of that family was there by his side at the end and that tells you something, as his daughter said, about the richness of this man's life and the priorities of his life. All through those years Nyle was there for them and in turn, they were there for him. If you want your children to enter your world when you're old, you need to enter their world when they're young. Like Aquila, Nyle was a family man.

2) Aquila was a quiet man. You don't read of Aquila making bold and sometimes reckless pronouncements in the sacred record like old Peter often did. You don't read of Aquila getting up and preaching to throngs of Jews or Gentiles or Kings and Queens like the Apostle Paul did. In fact, none of Aquila's words are actually recorded. But what you do read of is Aquila meeting Paul in Corinth, giving him a job and a place to live (Acts 18:2-3). You read of Aquila taking the great orator Apollos aside and quietly, humbly c ...

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