by William Wyne

Christ Cleans the House
Rev. William J. Wyne
John 2:16, 19

In chapter two the Apostle records an incident that he places at the beginning of Christ ministry. The other gospel writers placed a cleansing of the Temple at the end of Christ ministry.

Whether they are two different cleansing or one cleansing inserted in difference places it does not matter because the principle is the same.

The Lord desires that His house is used in a way that gives Him glory and not to glorify ourselves. His house has a divine purpose. His house was designed that the main thing will always remain the main thing.

While the house can serve the people in many ways, it must never cease to serve the people for what God intended for it to be. The Lord's house can be used to meet various needs, daily needs, but the Lord's house was design to honor him and for believers to find strength and faith in the house.

Even before there was a Temple, there was a Tabernacle in the wilderness, a marked place that God expected Israel (the faithful) to come and give Him reverence in a way that says they recognize who He was. Even before the Tabernacle, a believer, a person of faith had a spot, a place, and a mountain, where they met God to give Him glory.

Christ according to this text, John is upset because what he sees and senses happening in the Temple that distracts and defeats the purpose.

He is not so much upset as much with the purpose of what is going on; he is more upset with the attitude, actions, and motives of the people carrying out their purpose.

There was nothing wrong with the intent of service (ministry) that was being provided; there was something wrong with the attitude and actions and motives of the servants providing the service.
There is nothing wrong with the institution of the church; the church is a great institution. It is not the institution; it is the individuals that represent the institution that often stagnates and stains the church.

It may ...

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