by William Wyne

Christ Came to Live with Us
Rev. William J. Wyne
John 1:14-16

I read a story from the famous Danish Philosopher/Theologian from the mid-1860, Soren Kierkegaard that helps us to understand this text.

A prince wanted to find a young lady suitable to be his queen. He had traveled all over the kingdom looking and hoping to find the ideal mate that would be the ideal queen when he reached the throne.

One day he was on an errand for his father that required him to pass through the local village. This village was one of the poorest villages near the royal palace. As he passed thru, he happened to glance out of the window of his carriage and saw the most beautiful young lady he had ever seen. She was standing on the corner selling flowers. The Prince had the carriage to return home the same way, hoping to get a glimpse of her again. He could not forget the beauty of her face, the grace of her look. And sure enough, she was still there selling those flowers.

Each day for several weeks, the prince would have his carriage go through the village and each day he saw her. He decided to have someone from his court to go into the village and find out more about her.

The servant brought him her name, her family background, and told him that they were perhaps the poorest of all of those in the village. She sold flowers as the only means to take care of her aging and sickly parents. The prince ordered his servants each day to buy flowers several times a day and to ensure that she always sold her quota for the day by buying all her flowers.

The prince had fallen in love with her by what he saw and what he heard about her. He wanted to personally see her and ask her to be his bride that would one day be the queen.

But he had a problem, how could he approach her? How would he develop a relationship with her? He was a Prince, she was a pauper, he was from a life of luxury, and she lived a life of lack. He lives in the finest place. And she lived in the poorest v ...

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